Plagiarism Policy

Jakraya welcome original works from the author(s) all around the world. The plagiarised materials/manuscript/article/data cannot be considered for publication,while plagiarism of any type will incur sanctions against all author(s) of submitted manuscript/article/materials/data. Jakraya reserve the right to impose sanctions in case of plagiarism, regardless of journal published by us or not, while the plagiarised manuscript will be immediately rejected or removed from the website or link will provided to the original sources. Further, Jakraya may impose prohibitions for any new submission and removal of any manuscript submitted by authors of plagiarised manuscript/articles/materials/data individually or with other authors for at least 12-36 months including the prohibitions to serve on the editorial board of any journals published by us. The plagiarism sanctions will be impose in following cases:

. Submission or publication of another authors published or unpublished work or very close imitations of another’s work as owns original works.

. Self-plagiarism by duplicate submission or publication of same work in multiple journals. Using large chunks or substantial parts of previously published work by cut and paste without any appropriate citations.

. Unnecessary owns citations to increase the number of citations or unnecessary citations of articles from particular journals.

Feel free to contact through email ( if you have any questions, comments and further information.